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Pollinate Energy



There are currently 65 million people living in urban slums in India, and this number is rapidly growing. Conditions in these slums are often unfit for people to live in. Universally accepted, basic needs, are simply missing. Many slums are not connected to grid electricity or mains water supply, forcing people to go without, or to resort to unsafe products. Families rely on harmful kerosene for their lighting needs, they drink unclean water, and cook with dirty cookstoves.

Working directly in the slum communities, Pollinate Energy provides access to life changing products. Pollinators sell durable, quality products such as solar lanterns, improved cookstoves, solar fans and water filters to families living in slum communities. Pollinate Energy offer all customers short term payment plans to make their products affordable. The rate of defaults on these plans is less than 1%. All Pollinate products have a minimum one year warranty and they provide post-sale servicing. This model allows families to save 15 per cent of their income, and improve their health, safety and quality of life.

Pollinate has sold almost 30,000 products, impacting the lives of over 123,000 people across 970 communities. 

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