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How we do it.

Working with Pangaea is easy.

We are a small, nimble investment company. This means we do not need the layers of decision-making and investment committees associated with larger investment groups. Although, we certainly do our homework to make sure that the investment is right for us and our partners.


Here is how it works…


Once you make contact with us, we will have an initial discussion to give you more information about Pangaea and to gain some basic information about the business, the social impact you are trying to create and the level of capital and type of partner you are looking for. We can make a pretty quick assessment whether Pangaea is right for your social enterprise.


If it all looks good, we will meet with you and your team for us more to better understand the specific investment proposition and to undertake a high level due-diligence of the opportunity (so that we go into the investment understanding both the upside opportunity and the risks). We will also work with you and your management team to understand the types of skills and expertise that you are looking for. Most importantly, we want to get the chemistry right.


We typically look for equity investments of between $200k - $2m. If your social enterprise needs additional capital, we can then work within our network to secure the additional equity capital or identify potential debt financing options. If your social enterprise needs additional expertise, we can also work within our extensive networks to identify the necessary experts to provide the right input for the business.


We look at lots of different social enterprises each year. We will invest in only a handful. Before investing in any business we want to make sure we have the capacity to provide the support and input required by the business.


How does Pangaea provide input into the business?


The answer is simple: in whatever way makes sense to the business. In general, we seek to contribute to the strategic direction of the enterprise through the Board as a Director or Observer. If required, we can also provide more direct operational support for the business. We can actively contribute to:


  • Strategic planning

  • Business plans, targets and budgets

  • Marketing and customer acquisition strategies

  • Talent acquisition, development and management

  • Government relations

  • Corporate governance

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