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Pangaea invests in Cluey Learning

Established in 2017, Cluey Learning was founded by a passionate team of experienced education and technology executives to provide high quality and personalised tutoring to school students across Australia. By combining best-in-class online learning technologies and learning resources with expert experienced tutors, Cluey Learning provides affordable, flexible and accessible tutoring to primary and secondary students across a range of discipline areas.

At Pangaea, we are passionate about investing in organisations that are 'moving the dial' on learner attainment and achievement, particularly for disadvantaged groups. We are excited about the potential for tutoring to significantly improve learning outcomes - particularly for at-risk students:

Improving the educational outcomes for students who are at risk for academic failure is an important issue for educators and policymakers. Recently, before- and after-school tutoring programs have been identified as having the potential to turn academic failure into academic success. Two studies were conducted to determine the efficacy of an after-school tutoring program. Results of the studies showed that at-risk students and students with learning disabilities who were failing classes could earn average or better grades... if they had the support of trained adult tutors.... Finally, researchers found that some students continued to be successful after tutoring ended, indicating that they were able to use the strategy they had learned in a generative fashion. Hock et al (2001)

Cluey's flexible and affordable approach makes high quality tutoring accessible to a more diverse range of students. We are delighted to participate in Cluey Learning's Series A capital raise in February 2019 and to join the Board as an Observer. We are excited to be part of the Cluey Learning journey.

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