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Pangaea invests in Driven

Pangaea Impact Investments is excited to announce its recent investment in Driven - a friendly chatbot, scientifically proven to build resilience in people which is a preventative factor against mental diseases.

The Driven platform allows users to chat 24/7 with the AI-bot to cope with ever increasing demands and other daily stresses, and access 200+ engaging activities that are scientifically validated to be your best self every single day. Driven helps both individuals and businesses and has led to a 25% increase in users’ resilience and 83% in job satisfaction. Unlike any market offering, Driven is a solution that is preventative, but also helps in the moment of stress.

Already used by global and large scale organisations such as 3M, Unilever, IAG and Suncorp, Driven helps people stay on top of life through building resilience as a key preventative factor against mental illness.

Driven is also bringing mental wellness to a wider audience through partnerships on a global scale with FirstWatch. Covering over 130 million Americans, clients of FirstWatch include 9-1-1 dispatch centers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians and police, among others.

Pangaea Impact Investments is excited to invest in Driven alongside strategic investors, FirstWatch, and Giant Leap Fund, Australia's leading impact fund.

Find out more about Driven here:

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